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Work Package 4


Work package 4 - The dissemination of the key findings and the key deliverables i.e. A Best Practice Guide to accelerate Progress towards gender balance in key decision making processes through European Employer networks. 

This work package is led by Ibec

The initial task in the work package was the creation of a GEM project website that clearly sets out the goals and objectives of the project and invites input from industry policy makers and academics.

The key goal of this work package is the organisation and hosting of a pan-European conference of national-level employer organisations to disseminate the findings and the key deliverables from the project. The aim of this event is to provide the employer organisations with the tools and knowledge to disseminate the findings contained in the best practice guide.

Workshops for managers and key decision makers across partner organisations/institutions to communicate findings and highlight the code of Best Practice.

The evaluation of the Employer Organisations’ feedback on the conference content, the Best Practice Guide.


GEM Instructor manual

GEM Student Workshop Notes


About Us

The overarching aim of GEM is to bring together decision makers and policy influencers to create a best guide for organisations on strategies to achieve gender balance in key decision-making roles.


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